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Iridium Spark Plug



Iridium Plugs bring these benefits!

· Improved acceleration
When you switch to Iridium Plugs acceleration is improved. There is a fast response to throttle operation and you can feel the difference compared to plugs in original plug.
· More engine power!
Iridium Plugs improve the engine performance in terms of power. The extra power becomes apparent in situations like climbing hills, giving you a comfortable driving and touring experience.
· Improved ignition and starting characteristics
The ultra-fine center electrode of an Iridium Plug ensures fast ignition and improves the engine's starting characteristics. Since there is little dispersion in the position of the spark, idling is stable too.
· Better fuel economy!
Since Iridium Plugs ensure excellent ignition, the gasoline is burned efficiently. These plugs provide both economic and environmental benefits.

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