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Iridium Spark Plug

Reading Part Numbers / Guide To Plug Change Intervals

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Reading Part Numbers

·Iridium IX
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The part numbers for Iridium IX plugs include "IX" within the basic part number.
·Iridium MAX
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The part numbers for Iridium MAX plugs are marked with the suffix "P".
However, there are exceptions where the indication is different: these are the DF plugs and the plugs exclusively for LPG vehicle.
·IRI Series
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There are three types of IRI Series spark plugs - "IRIWAY", "IRITOP" and "IRIMAC" and these designations appear in the part numbers.
For details, see the relevant part numbers on the part number list pages.

Guide to Plug Change Intervals

The following is a guide to changing Iridium Plugs.
·Iridium IX
Since IX plugs are designed to improve ignition performance and fuel economy they use ultra-fine electrodes, but you can drive the same distance using them as you can with Nickel type plugs.
Note: These distance between changes figures are a rough guide and the actual distance may be shorter depending on how your vehicle is used, and the ignition system.
·Iridium MAX
The MAX plugs, which offer improved durability while maintaining the high performance of IX plugs, will last about five times the driving distance between changes that IX plugs will.
·IRI Series
These plugs have the same guide distance between changes figures as the IX plugs, but these guide distances can become shorter depending on how the vehicle is tuned, the driving conditions and so on.

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