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Wire Set & Resistor Cap

Power Cable (For Automobile)

Cables with high performance produce the maximum performance of the vehicle
note:You might not be able to get our products in your country.
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Use of 0.9 kΩ/m super-low resistance variable pitch winding and hyper silicone ensures that the spark energy sent from the ignition coil is reliably transferred and the maximum performance is achieved.

Low-resistance metal resistance wire is wound alternately loosely and closely around the ferrite core to make a variable pitch coil (0.9 kΩ/m), and on top of this there is a layer of hyper silicone insulation.
Ignition energy of 130% thanks to 0.9 kΩ/m resistance
The resistance value of the cables in general use is 16 kΩ/m. With the very small value of 0.9 kΩ/m, NGK Power Cables have about one eighteenth of this resistance, which means that the spark energy sent from the ignition coil is reliably supplied to the plug. According to the results of tests conducted by NGK, these cables provided a spark energy that was 130% of that supplied by other, original cables. Power Cables generate a more powerful spark and effectively bring out the latent performance of the engine.
note: The product images are Japanese model.  
Spark noise prevention effects
By using a high-density construction for the variable winding (loose and close) on the magnetic ferrite core, a reduction in spark noise has been achieved along with ultra-low resistance.
Use of the new material "hyper silicone"
The new material "hyper silicone" is adopted for the insulation, realizing great increases in resistance to heat, withstand voltage, resistance to gasoline and mechanical strength. This material maintains exceptional performance under more severe conditions.
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  Reading Power Cable numbers
01 S
Manufacturer's serial number Car manufacturer code
D = Daihatsu
F = Subaru
H = Honda
I = Isuzu
M = Mitsubishi
N = Nissan
S = Suzuki
T = Toyota
X = Non-Japanese manufacturer
Z = Mazda

! Before replacement work, please be sure to stop engine and confirm engine has got cool sufficiently.
! In case engine is not cold enough, it is advised to work carefully with suitable measure such as use of gloves to avoid burns.
! Remove the used plug cables by hand,by grasping and pulling straight on the plug cover.
! If it is hard to remove cables, remove by rotating the plug cover from side to side and pulling straight.
! Do not pull on the cord. Do not swing the plug covers from side to side. It is cause that parts come out and cutting of cord.
! The use of pliers or pinching tools on the plug covers may cause damage to them, and/or voltage leak.
! Install all covers(plug and coil side)securely. A loose or improper connection may cause water intrusion and/or voltage leak.
1. To avoid misinstallation, removal or installation by one cable at a time is advised.
2. The new NGK cables have been numbered, indicating the cylinder to which they must be installed.
Refer to these numbers when installing the new cables.
3. For distributor type ignitions:If couplers exist,these must be reused.

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