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Product Information

Air Fuel Ratio Monitor


AFRM measures the engine condition for the passenger cars
and tuning cars in a moment.

AFRM achieves the optimized accuracy and response with
linear sensor in house product.


  • Measure A/F ratio from rich conditions to lean conditions (Measurement range: A/F 9 - 20).
  • Switchable to the maximum A/F range (A/F:16 ⇔ A/F:20).
  • Adopt linear sensor to achieve the good response.
  • Adopt the digital display to monitor the measurement of A/F at one view.
  • Possible to memorize the measurement of A/F with external logger via analog output.

A/F : Hold the key to engine condition

A/F ratio is the mass ratio of air to fuel present in a combustion process such as in an internal combustion engine. Generally, the stoichiometric mixture is approximately 14.7:1, or Λ of 1.00. However, A/F ratio always consistently changes depending on the conditions of engine and driving.
Especially, the setting of optimized A/F is very important for tuning car to prevent the trouble such as engine blow, power down, unstable idling and etc.

Kit Contents

Part number : VTA0001-WW002

  • Module
  • Liner Sensor
  • Wiring Harness
  • Sensor Boss
  • Sensor Plug
  • Hook and Loop Fastener
  • Manual


Module Measurement range A/F : 9~20(MAX) MAX setting : Selectable to A/F16
Output A/F : 9~20 DC0.5-4.5V Linear output for A/F
A/F : 9~16 DC0-5V Linear output for A/F
Calibration Air calibration for sensor
Power supply DC12~DC16V
Warm-up time Approx. 10 sec
Dimension Module : D65 x W63 x H23 mm
Weight 60g
Sensor Exhaust temperature RT~900℃
Resistance temperature for harness 200℃MAX
Resistance temperature for connector 120℃MAX
Torque 45~55Nm
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