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Wire Set & Resistor Cap

Racing Cable (For Motorcycle)

The tenacity of silicone rubber gives a remarkably reliable riding experience.
note:You might not be able to get our products in your country.
note: The product images are Japanese model.
Silicone rubber has been used for the cables and covers to give a very reliable ride.
Excellent weatherproofing and withstand voltage characteristics are also assured by a special waterproofing construction.
What is more, the plug covers incorporate ceramic resistors, which provide strong noise prevention effects.

  Cover color / Cable color
Cover colorRed  red
Cable colorRed  red

  Cover shape
CR1 · CR3 CR2 · CR4 · CR5 · CR6
photo photo


Part number: J-1

With the exception of some vehicle models, a cable joint (J-1) is required to fit a racing cable.

  Reading racing cable part numbers
C R 1
Cover with cable Body color Cover shape
  R : Red
1 : Straight (molded rubber, screw type terminal)
2 : L type (molded rubber, screw type terminal)
3 : Straight (molded rubber, integrated terminal)
4 : L type (molded rubber, integrated terminal)
5 : CR2 cable length 1 m
6 : CR4 cable length 1 m

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