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Wire Set & Resistor Cap

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·Spark Plug Cable (For Automobile)

Because these are coil-type resistor cables, they offer excellent conductivity, the essential function of a cable. Furthermore, any change in resistance through aging is minimized. In addition, these resistor cables are highly effective in suppressing electromagnetic interference generated by the engine's ignition system.

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·Power Cable (For Automobile)

With their ultra-low resistance of 0.9 kΩ per meter, Power Cables realize spark energy of 130%.
(This resistance is one eighteenth of the 16 kΩ per meter figure for general use cables.)

  • The increased spark energy improves the starting characteristics, acceleration and power, and has excellent effects on idling stability, combustion and so on.
  • Despite the very low resistance, spark noise is prevented by the variable pitch winding (alternately loose and close coiling) and ferrite core construction.

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·Plug Cover & Cable (For Motorcycle and General purpose)

Silicone rubber is used for the cables. Tried and tested phenolic resin is used for the covers, and ceramic resistors that suppress noise are incorporated into them. Cables that have been encased in silicone rubber are highly resistant to temperature variations and have exceptional durability and withstand voltage characteristics.

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·Power Cable (For Motorcycle)

These have one tenth of the resistance value of the cables in general use.
Despite the very low resistance value, the adoption of a construction that combines a variable pitch winding (loose and close coiling) with a magnetic ferrite core prevents spark noise and gives excellent ignition and acceleration characteristics.
In addition the colorful and lightweight plug covers have a high withstand voltage, high vibration resistance and a high level of waterproofing.

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·Racing Cable (For Motorcycle)

Silicone rubber has been used for the cables and covers to give a very reliable ride.
Excellent weatherproofing and withstand voltage characteristics are also assured by a special waterproofing construction.
What is more, the plug covers incorporate ceramic resistors, which provide strong noise prevention effects.


note: The product images are Japanese model.

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